Get to Know Us

How the lightbulb went off - - - 

As a child our founder, Tori, was constantly filling journals with doodles and poorly drawn stick figures. As she got older she started carrying a journal in her purse to fill it with reminders and to-do lists. When life seemed chaotic and unmanageable it was second nature for Tori to turn to her journals and write out what was in her head. 

Why we decided to do something - - -

As Tori grew older she realized that writing about tough times was her way of coping and it was a great benefit to her mental health. She noticed that every time she went to buy a new journal (which was about every other month) there weren't any that she could see herself in, and sometimes it was discouraging. And from there, an idea was born.

What we stand for - - - 

  • Inspiration: We want our community to feel that regardless of the situation; it can be changed!
  • Transparency: We want our community to be honest with themselves and work through life's craziness in a healthy way!
  • Representation: We want our community to see themselves in our products! 


Get in the Midst and Write!